Legendino: Dinosaur Battle

By Super Planet

Legendino: Dinosaur BattleLegendino: Dinosaur BattleLegendino: Dinosaur BattleLegendino: Dinosaur BattleLegendino: Dinosaur Battle

Welcome to the Lost World, a world inhabited by mysterious Dinos!

Become an excellent adventurer and explore the unknown world of Dinos!

3 vs 3 power battle with superior Dinos, “Legendino”!

!!!!!!!!!!!! Global PVP Dino Battle !!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Command 3 Dinos to steer the battle

- Use the fundamental expertise (attack, defense) and unique skills that seem randomly at the right time.

- Defeat all three of your opponent's dinos to win the battle!


■ Oh! A Dino is about to be born from an egg! (shake shake)

Let's raise 162 sorts of legendary Dinos together with Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus!

1) Eat ‘dinosaur feed’ and level up quickly!

2) More and extra highly effective with 3 stages of evolution (egg-unevolved-adult-superevolution)!

3) Random distinctive talent activated! Combine 27 completely different skills.

4) Skill capacity upgrade through research

■ Global battles to get pleasure from together with your friends!

1) Friendly Match: Add your good friend's ID right now and play one-on-one with your friend!

2) Guild: Create a guild with your folks and share data and items!

3) Arena: Battle with customers across the world! Time to indicate off your mighty dino!

■ Shh, a method for profitable battles that only you might know!

1) Attack and Defense? my choice?

- Predict the opponent's conduct and choose considered one of 'Soul Charge', 'Attack', 'Defense', and 'Unique Skill'!

2) Am I aggressive? defensive? Set your combating style!

- Among the 6 primary skills, you possibly can set the variety of attacks/defenses differently!

3) Combine expertise to activate more powerful abilities.

- Attack Attack = “Power Attack”

- Defense Defense = “Evade”

- Attack Defense = “Counter”

4) Fast and lethal assault, super powerful special Dino Field skill!

- Two particular strikes, ‘Dino Field Skill’ can be utilized additionally.

Dino Battle! Real-time Strategy Turn-Based PVP!

Log into Legendino NOW!!

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