Lipa Bear

By Lipa Learning

Lipa BearLipa BearLipa BearLipa BearLipa Bear

Wait, is that a doll or a dog? Is Bella Bear playing or sleeping? Which color goes with “purple” and does Bella’s expression mean she’s happy or sad?!

• Match written words with their corresponding fun images

• Recognize Bella Bear’s actions and emotions by listening

• Build your vocabulary with essential verbs, nouns, and adjectives

• Gain fundamental English language skills you’ll need to communicate with your world.

• Enjoy voiceovers in your native language: available in German, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech and Turkish

Bella Bear needs a curious wordsmith like you!

Lipa Bear is a kidSAFE® certified educational app ideal for children ages 2 .

Did you find and name all of Bella’s things? Discover our other challenging fun apps!

Crafted by Lipa Learning, a community of educators and creative professionals dedicated to revolutionizing education.

Lipa Learning

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Yes, we're planning on conquering the whole Android market in the future. While working tightly on this challenging task, we made sure to support your favorite devices:

• Sony Xperia Z3

• LG G2

• HTC One Mini 2

• Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

• Samsung Galaxy S4, S5

• Xiaomi Redmi Note

• Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

• Galaxy Tab Kids

• Nexus 10

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