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Lit Era (Litnet) - E-booksLit Era (Litnet) - E-booksLit Era (Litnet) - E-books

Lit-Era (ex Litnet) is not just an online library of books, it is a literary platform uniting writers and readers, where:

- A personal library of books

- More than 80,000 works

- More than 40,000 different authors

- The authors themselves publish their books, respond to comments

- Much more!

You you can read not only completed books, but also books that are published right as you write, chapter by chapter, comment, receive answers from authors, track your favorite writers, compile a personal library of books is far from that's all.

The books we publish are published by the authors themselves, therefore:

- Many books first appear with us before you get to the publisher, and you can become their first reader. < / p>

- The book "in progress" is the one that the author writes now and puts it in chapters. The author is waiting for your feedback!

- Your author reads your comments on the book. Sometimes you can even influence the plot of a future work.

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