Love Spice

By Agate Games

Love SpiceLove SpiceLove SpiceLove SpiceLove Spice


SPECIAL STORY! Len, Reza Oscar... What will they do on this chapter? Get the story, find your soulmate and express your love to him.


What type of guy suits your personality? Calm, joyful or somebody to keep up with the jones? Choose your love and fight his heart to get him in your shoulder!


You are from underprivileged families always bullied by Reza Widinata in Junior High School. A few years later you already graduate from cullinary art bachelor and grow into a beautiful woman. Your families financial more better after your mother's second marriage. Everyday you confided all your problems to your stepbrother Oscar who was live in Paris.

You meet again with your first love, Len Kusimawidjaja in school reunion and the most annoying guy in the world who always bullied you in Junior High School, of course it is Reza Widinata!

Choose your story path in visual novel game Love Spice!


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