Master Planner :Todo, Place Reminder, Task Planner


Master Planner :Todo, Place Reminder, Task PlannerMaster Planner :Todo, Place Reminder, Task PlannerMaster Planner :Todo, Place Reminder, Task PlannerMaster Planner :Todo, Place Reminder, Task PlannerMaster Planner :Todo, Place Reminder, Task Planner

To-do, reminder app reinvented.

Finally All in one To-do, Secret To-do, Reminder, Location Based Reminder, Countdown, Project and Task planner in One App “Master Planner” .It’s easy to use and easy to manage as well as cloud integrated. Your privacy in your hand because we don't upload your todo, reminder data.

This is a free version and contains ad. If you want ad free version with full feature please

download "Master Planner Pro"

# Location Based Reminder – You can select a place and specify a radius and select a reminder/alarm option like entering or leaving the place. Our app will remind you when you entering or leaving this specific location.

# Planner - Plan your project and tasks using our card type “Planner”. You can also organize your billing expenses by Planner. e.g. you can add a project/task like “Final Exam” or “Daily Routine” and add multiple cards under each project. e.g. You can add “Morning Routine”, “Evening Routine”, “Dinner Menu” under “Daily Routine” task in planner. It’s super simple.

# Usual Reminder – You can add usual reminder, to-do, and note with a very interactive way.

# Countdown – Add your important deadline as Countdown so you can stay focused and alerted.

# Cloud Backup – Upload all of your data in Google Drive so your data in your drive. We do not track your data and hence your privacy in your hand. Even we don't upload todo, reminder etc in our server.

# Export your database as CSV file – its now super simple. Just click and everything is done.

# Lock – Lock your sensitive and secret to-do, reminder so without you nobody can see

If you find any issue or you want to suggest us please contact with us in feedback section. Please Give us a good ratings and your valuable suggestions.


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