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- Ability to learn and mix scores and files (Images,Txt,html)

- 'Take pic and use' operate with chance of crop and edit

- 4 USER banks

- New layout with widescreen and portrait mode

- Many new kinds added

- Gain management to extend volume should you hear low

- Metronome (metronome beats) and drum machine with rhythm patterns ( Rhythm machine, drum loops )

- Rhythm capabilities: Start/Stop, Intro, Standard, Variation, Fill to Standard, Fill to Variation, Percussion, Ending

- Time features: Variation /-, ritardando, accelerando, tempo lock, fade in/out

- Ritardando and accelerando must be editing

- 12 Sections of rhythms with risk to addContent up to 24 rhythms for every section

- User part where to retailer your favourite rhythms with tempo change and mute drum parts

- Possibility to exclude some drum sounds

- Select any tempo from 40 (largo) to 300 beats per minute (prestissimo) as an actual metronome.

- Different forms of metronome

- Speed Trainer

- Perfect for training any instruments much better then a simply metronome

- Ideal also for solo and group music practice, educating, stay performances, recording session

- Metrodrummer with practical drum sounds

- A mild, straightforward to make use of and enjoyable application.

Practicing with a metronome looks like a boring and useless factor to do, however with Metrodrummer it is a distinctive enjoyable.

Metrodrummer: train your sense of rhythm

Some rhythm by family group:


16 Beat 1-16 Beat 2-Pop English-Manchester Pop

All Beat style-All Pop style-Easy 8 Beat-Care Beat

8 Beat new 1-8 Beat new 2-16 Beat Fashion-Gimme Pop Style

Glory Beat-Tommy Groove-Beat Cycle


Pop Rock Medium-Power Beat rock-Rock Shuffle -Rock and Roll

Hard Rock -Latin Rock Mix -Pop Rock 80s-Fast Roll 70s

Ambience Rock-Soul Rock-Fast Shuffle Rock-Mexicana Rock

Rock 60yrs-Beat Move 80-Twist 1-Twist 2

Punk Rock


Swing Fast-Jazz 5/4-Acoustic Jazz-Dixieland

Lounge Bossa-Big Band Medium-Moon Ballad-Jazz Waltz

Sergy 5-4-Gems Big Band 1-Gems Big Band 2-Sergy Dixie

Jazz Fusion-Slow Shuffle 1-Slow Shuffle 2-Slow Swing

American Jazz


Mambo Standard-Bossanova 1-Bossanova 2-Merengue


New Beguine-Double Bolero-Fast Bossa-Gems Bossa 1

Gems Bossa 2-Latin Cha Cha-Lambada-Cool Mambo

Menaito-Samba Mosquito-Pata Tap-New Samba 1

New Samba 2-Slow Bossa-Saint anne Samba-Latin Napoletan

Bachata 1-Bachata 2-Latin Beat Here-Latin Baila Chica

Cumbia 1-Cumbia 2-Samba Rock


Beat Midnight-Ballad slow-Ballad 80s-60s Medium

Slow Rock-Analog Ballad-12/8 Slow-Lento Ballad

…. And others as








Video of Metrodrummer, metronome and drum machine:


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