Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest - Strategy War MMO


Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest - Strategy War MMOMillion Lords: Kingdom Conquest - Strategy War MMOMillion Lords: Kingdom Conquest - Strategy War MMOMillion Lords: Kingdom Conquest - Strategy War MMOMillion Lords: Kingdom Conquest - Strategy War MMO

Raise and lead a military. Create a big empire in an infinite world to turn out to be the brand new warlord of the Three Lands in this new multiplayer real-time strategy online recreation for free!

Create your nation, recruit knights and lords to defend your throne, and let the conquest begin!

You’re the dominion lord on this real-time technique game that is all about the way you achieve the conquest of the entire world through the invasion and conquering of one nation after the other.

After the demise of the great Lord Almaty, his 4 Lieutenants began the 1,000 kingdom legendary warfare for the king’s throne... As governor, declare territories within the Three Lands realm in a constantly competitive battlefield and turn into the commandant of the best dynasty ever!

Choose your hero, order your attacks, specialize your armies, broaden your kingdom, build an empire, and turn out to be a legend in this conquest game! Million Lords is a cell strategy MMO in contrast to another with an emphasis on the art of warfare and conquering. Prepare your self for any possible enemy scenario: hostilities, conflicts, betrayals, and alliances. There aren't any rules on this war. It is all about conquering, invading, and defeating your enemies! Conquer the world using the best military techniques and create your empire. Gather your whole troops and use your protect defense to turn out to be the most highly effective clan. Peace is not an option: Join the battle now and let the conquest begin!

Simple, Easy, and extremely Addictive RTS!

- Final Score: 9/10 -


- Online multiplayer warfare: Conquer the world using army tactics!

Team up and plan organized assaults with your clan to climb the leaderboard!

- Original RTS Gameplay

Unique PvP battleground made by an impartial studio.

- An epic RPG talent tree

Choose between 10 skills to strengthen your Lord conquest energy. Maintain your achievements and glory for your city's success in an RTS battlefield quest!

- 60 craftable items

To adapt your struggle technique in real time in a navy MMORPG!


- Every month, we'll crown a new participant the Lord of the dominion in Three Lands and it could probably be you! Stand out and win in a PvP fight campaign!

- Start fresh initially of each battle season: hold your objects, war alliances, and rating after each season!


- Choose your combating expertise and create your own lord, ready for the fight: your hero, your choice!

- Specialize your epic character and kingdom to face the enemy military. Start conquering cities and defend your territory with an unbreakable defend defense! Plunder assets from your enemy and gather as many troops as attainable to wage struggle against different warlords till you haven't any more competition and also you turn into the good Lord of Three Lands!

Use your knights and turn out to be the king and commander of the best empire ever on this real-time strategy game! Adding a well-timed invasion to your tactics will permit you to conquer another nation and add it to your assortment of thrones.


- In Million Lords, everything is about metropolis conquest, warfare, and kingdom empowerment! Join your ally heroes and turn out to be the most powerful clan of the Three Lands!

- Expand your kingdom together with your hero beyond all expectations: the only border is your dedication in your RTS MMO mission. Attack and conquer new regions by displaying your power and techniques in an countless legendary struggle to increase your dominion!

Don't spend hours upon hours upgrading buildings and manually-creating soldiers and armies! Download this MMO based on technique conquest for free!


Discord server:

Clash your kingdom army and compete with anybody, anyplace, and at any time! You will not neglect this distinctive grand strategy war recreation of conquest: invasion, conquering, defeating, and striking down your foes or allow them to stay: the choice is yours!

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