Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG

By Loongcheer Game

Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPGMine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPGMine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPGMine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPGMine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG

About the Game

Mine Hunter: Pixel Roguelike RPG is an motion game that features the juice of pixel art style.

You would be the mine hunter to defeat all of the monsters that haunt the mines. Run, bounce and slash your way by way of the deep dungeon and embark on an epic adventure! Start your adventure to face against the darkness to guard the world.


Thousand years ago, the Abyss pressure created many unknown monsters who invaded the world. To defend residence, all individuals united together to defeat these monsters. After an extended exhausting struggle, those monsters had been finally repelled and concealed deep beneath the bottom.

One day, An orphan Marson accidentally fell into a mine and encountered many monsters. He was nearly killed but luckily rescued by a hunter. Then his adventure begins... Marson determined to remain there and battle to keep the world peace. Help him on his journey to stand against darkness and reveal the abyss drive secrets.

Game Features

- A Roguelike Action RPG game with pixel artwork graphics.

- Customize character stats(Strength, Agility, Stamina, Spirit...)

- Forge magic Pickaxe and Armor

- 4 hero partners with completely different battle types.

- Various Runes. You will develop in power as you use them.

- Pets! Enhance your hero.

- Artifacts. Support your battle in the dungeon.

- 4 distinct dungeon regions. Each with its own enemies, traps, and quests.

- Random maps and events make adventure extra fun.


Facebook: https://www.fb.com/Mine-Hunter-103324748743051

Discord: https://discord.gg/4DncXpa8g3

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