Mini Warriors 2 - Idle Arena


Mini Warriors 2 - Idle ArenaMini Warriors 2 - Idle ArenaMini Warriors 2 - Idle ArenaMini Warriors 2 - Idle ArenaMini Warriors 2 - Idle Arena

The darkness come back to the continent Panop. Summon the legendary heroes from 4 unique factions to build your epic troop, conquer the dangerous dungeons, beat evil dragons and mages and write down your golories!

Game Features

【Enjoy Epic Story without Limitation】

Mini Warriros II supports both vertical and horizontal screen. Play the game freely while standing on the bus or laying on the sofa. Find the most original mobile game fun back!

【Idle to Get Infinite Resources】

Heroers will finght and collect resources automatically while you are offline. Wake up in the moring, check the whole night trophies and use to upgrade heroes. What a casual and easy game!

【80 Legendary Heroes are Waiting for Summoning】

More than 80 heroes come from 4 unique factions are ready to fight, all heroes can share the highest level. Mini size but strong power, collect and unlock the deeper bonds among them, build a srong troop.

【Various Gameplays to Satisfy All Needs】

Besides the stroy about saving Panop, some other challenges are prepared. Experience the roguelike mode, dungeons, bounty task and PVP. Meet all your game needs here!


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