Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.)

By SharpenPlay Entertainment

Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.)Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.)Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.)Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.)Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.)

★★★Monster Storm Apoiion Features★★★

Changes on this version.

1. Re-plan the main storyline.

The sport could have the biggest Sinister group - the Negative Energy Corps, the player must unite with the associate and battle towards the Villainous group!

2. Many new monsters have been added ready for the coach to capture.

3. Redefine the art fashion of the sport.

The maps and NPC and different artwork resources that the gamers have seen have all changed, and the style is nearer to the basic version of our early play, evoking the gamers' reminiscences!

4. Re-planned map layouts, levels, and so on.

We have retained some of the fascinating level designs from earlier works, and incorporate the newest map ranges designed by our producers, we hope everyone will prefer it!

5. More hidden designs have been added to the map!

Tips: As long as everyone likes our unique monster video games, we are going to continue to replace, thanks!


Very interesting adventure video games, stage puzzles, monster battles, talent methods, and so on.

The recreation is based on map adventures and monster battles. The monsters are divided into 10 sorts (grass, earth, combating, fire, metal, electrical energy, flight, water, gentle, ghosts), and there may be restraint between the kinds.

Monster trainers can choose totally different monsters to domesticate based on their very own hobbies and needs. Take your monster balls to catch the monster on your adventures.

Challenge and gather Mythical monsters, defeat all the Gym Leaders and turn out to be world champions. These are our dreams.

This evil villain will capture monsters for experimentation, and we must stop their loopy plans once more.

Let us grow with the monster till it reaches super evolution. Welcome to download experience!


Monster Storm Apoiion is a RPG sport with parts of technique and monster coach.

To turn i

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