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MU ArchangelMU ArchangelMU ArchangelMU ArchangelMU Archangel

■ MU Archangel 5th Update ■

1. New Class ‘Dark Lord’

- Realizes justice with explosive harm, receiving the protection of the light and darkness of salvation. Meet the Dark Lord!

- The Dark Lord defeat the enemies using the principle weapon, Scepter, and the secondary weapon, Tome.

2. Mysterious Merchant

- Meet the Mysterious Merchant prepared mystic and numerous gadgets for you!

- You can acquire Garnets by selling your uncommon gadgets and Garnets that might be earned are restricted every week.

3. Elemental Chaos

- Defeat the terrifying Elemental Chaos monsters to protect the peace of the MU continent!

4. Elemental Upgrade

- Show off the facility of extra powerful components via Elemental Upgrade!

5. Elemental Set

- Flame, Earth, Gale! Meet the Elemental Set choices and fancy results that can make you stronger and prove your strength!

6. Elemental Amplification

- Amplify the ability of the elements and enter the battlefield of Mu Continent with a stronger look!

7. Elemental Altar

- Kill the continuously showing monsters to help get well the crystal's life!

8. Kalima

- The emergence of recent power! Kill the highly effective BOSS of Kalima!

9. Mount Evolution and Addition of New Mount Features

- Meet mounts which have become more modern and colourful by way of evolution!

- When a mount goes via evolution, its appearance changes, evolution choices are added, and it is talent level increases.

- Also, new feature that permits for the upgrade and forge of mounts has been added.

10. Angel Pass

- Acquire various gadgets through Angel Pass!

Greetings, we're MU Archangel!

MU, simply because it was on-line, is back on mobile!

▶ Meet MU once more, with feelings of the old days!

Recall your memory of gameplay with Blood Castle, Square of Devil, Chaos Castle, and more!

▶ Face essentially the most highly effective enemy ever!

Only these with sturdy energy can survive. Conquer numerous bosses and win the deadly enviornment to be the strongest warrior!

▶ Introducing new guild contents!

From Guild Feast that may improve your bond with guild members, to Castle Siege that can deliver you to fierce battles! Enjoy our new guild contents!

▣ Permission request instructions

MU Archangel asks for the next permissions when installing the sport to higher serve you.


- Use of SD memory: enable this app to use MU Archangel app folder installed on the system to apply real-time patches and bug fixes.


- Access to Camera: permit this app to read photos and media on the system for the aim of uploading photos/media as attachments in your inquiry.

▶ Game play may be restricted if you deny access to required information on your device.

How to remove entry permission

* Android OS 6.0 or greater *

Device Settings Apps MU Archangel Permissions Reset every entry permission

* Lower than Android OS 6.0 *

Access can be eliminated only when the app is deleted.

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