MYReport Field Service

By Ossola

MYReport Field ServiceMYReport Field ServiceMYReport Field ServiceMYReport Field ServiceMYReport Field Service

MYReport is a practical app, useful and with a compelling graphics that will supports you through your ministery and allows ti manage your ministery report, the notes you take, the itinieraries, the bibles studies easily.

MYReport operation:

• Registration of the ministery report.

• Viewing the total of the monthly report or annual report of the pioneer (from september to august of the follwing year).

• The possibility of sending the personal report by mail, sms, whatsapp etc...

• Registration of the various territories for the notes "from house to house" with the possibility of view through a filter the type of territory.

• Registration of people for notes "from house to house" with the possibility of view through a filter all the absent or the visits.

• Registration of monthly itineraries.

• Registration of bible studies.

• Automatic setting of the language Italian, English, French, Spanish, Brazilian potuguese, Albanian, Serbian, Dutch, Russian, Czech and Indonesian.

• Registration of appointments

• Viewing of the personal ministery card.

• The great operation that allows you to find a biblical writing by transcribing some words you remember from it and the possibility of add new biblical writing whenever you want.

• Possibility of set the data by backup in case of need (ex. wrong removal of the app, purchase new phone..).

• Detailed guide of the application.

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