Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG


Mythic Heroes: Idle RPGMythic Heroes: Idle RPGMythic Heroes: Idle RPGMythic Heroes: Idle RPGMythic Heroes: Idle RPG

Dark forces threaten the fate of the world, but you are not alone! Summon an army of unique Gods and Heroes from distinct cultures to create your individual elite team. You can then improve their skills with highly effective new expertise, unlock their iconic weapons, and strengthen them for epic battles. Your recreation will even acquire rewards when you are AFK that will assist you save the realm!

Amazing options embrace:

One Tap — Then Hands Free

This recreation allows you to resolve your degree of involvement. You can actively participate in every battle or direct your group to do the nitty gritty themselves in idle mode. Simply arrange your staff, and one faucet later, your Heroes are engaged in exploration and battle!

Strategic Freedom

Mix and match Heroes throughout multiple factions and unlock legendary weapons to realize the upper hand throughout your Rogue-like journey! Different from the rigid hero lineups of many RPG video games, this game can make your every whim a reality!

Forge Unforgettable Friendships

Message others on the Global Server Chat to make new friends and alliances from all over the world! Start your personal Summoner Guild and work collectively to take down Titans and Gods; then problem your allies to a friendly 1-on-1 battle within the Arena!

Characters from Your Favorite Myths

Explore 10 distinctive continents as their epic storylines are seamlessly joined in a role-playing recreation storyline with 1000's of years of history! Choose and enhance champions similar to Zeus, Anubis, Izanami and Mulan with divine power!

Unique Dungeons and Fun Extras

What will your legend be, Summoner? You can customize your individual journey whether it's battling against the dark forces or receiving the Blessings of the Gods within the Pantheon! The choice is YOURS!

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