NBDE II Stanford Review Course

By Current Clinical Strategies

NBDE II Stanford Review CourseNBDE II Stanford Review CourseNBDE II Stanford Review CourseNBDE II Stanford Review CourseNBDE II Stanford Review Course

Pass NBDE II after 1 day of study!

NBDE II Stanford Review Course is the #1 rapid-review for dental students preparing for NBDE Part II. NBDE Stanford Review Course includes 1,300 multiple-choice, review questions with detailed rationales. You can take mock exams with new questions on each test.

NBDE II Stanford Review Course provides updated information on Endodontics, Operative Dentistry, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, Pain Control, Oral Diagnosis, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Patient Management, Periodontics, Pharmacology, and Prosthodontics.

• 1,300 review questions highlight important points of each topic. Each question has a rationale, which explains the principles in each question. You can check your scores and track your progress.

• Case studies present detailed scenarios that challenge you to apply your knowledge to real-world situations, just as you will be required to do on the NBDE Part II examination.

• A review book is included to convey essential data and key points.

• Illustrations and tables provide supplementary information and emphasize important points and decks.

Now you can try out the #1 NBDE II app for free!

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