Pango Sheep

By Studio Pango

Pango SheepPango SheepPango SheepPango SheepPango Sheep

Pango Sheep: an irresistible shepherding game! Baaaah!


The sheep are all over the place! Play as a shepherd and help Pango find them.

Help out with finding the sheep, gather them in herds, and bring them back to their pen. But be careful: there's a wolf on the prowl!


The sheep have wonderful surprises for you!

You'll love disguising them, coloring their wool, jumping in the mud, taking a nice bath in the river, taking train rides, playing ball, and even shearing them.


Squirrel, Pig, Rabbit, and Fox will all show you their own worlds.

You can freely and leisurely stroll through the flowery plains, travel the forest, follow the shore, and hike up the snowy mountains.

Pango Sheep, an original and fun game!

5 challenges to face inside a game of search-and-find and free exploration.

A game perfectly suited for children 3 years old with progressive difficulty.


- A shepherding game.

- 5 landscapes to explore freely.

- 50 sheeps to find.

- Count up to 10.

- Progressive difficulty.

- Perfect for children 3 or older

- No stress and no timer

- A simple, functional application

- Colorful and fully interactive game

- Internal parental control

- No in-game purchases and no invasive advertising

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