Pipefitter Tools

By LMF Services, LLC

Pipefitter ToolsPipefitter ToolsPipefitter ToolsPipefitter ToolsPipefitter Tools

Pipefitter Tools app is a construction calculator for the Pipe industry. A great asset for Pipefitters, welders, plumbers, engineers, Foreman and anyone else looking for a better way to do the job you enjoy. The easy to use interface and navigation provides access to simple and complex calculations perfect for Journeymen pipe fitters as well as apprenctice pipe fitters working their way up. The Pipefitter Tools app contains leading information for materials such as stainless, carbon, copper, HDPE, PVC and more, which includes a large database of pipe charts. As well as information for Fitting, Flanges, Nuts and Bolts.

Our Free version of the app includes:

Resource Book: Acronymns, Definitions, Fitting Data, Pipe Data, Flange Data, Pipe Thread Data, Standards and Specifications Info and Materials list.

Calculators: Basic Calculator with Fitter shortcuts, Unit Conversions, Engineering Calculations, Pipe Weight Calculator, Pipe Pitch, Sheet metal Calculations.

The Pipefitter Tools app also contains resources for The pipe industry and includes:

Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions for additional trades such as Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical Engineering, Millwrights, Oil Gas, Pipefitters, Plumbing, Structural Engineers and Welding. You can find a large database of information within the reousrce section of the application.

Our Premium Version include:

- Full Access to the Resource Book

- Full Access to all the pipe calculators and all new apps added to the calculators screen.

-- Calculators include:

-- Pipe offsets for Buttweld fittings

-- Lateral/fishmouth calculations with the ability to print templates

-- Mitered pipe offsets

-- Dummyleg/ trunnion pipe support calculations

-- Advanced compound offset calculations (total of 100 different pipe configurations)

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