Plank Challenge : Abs Toning

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Plank Challenge : Abs ToningPlank Challenge : Abs ToningPlank Challenge : Abs ToningPlank Challenge : Abs ToningPlank Challenge : Abs Toning

Do you want to get a perfect abs and body? Do you want to sculpt your body so it looks fit and sexy? Or do you only want to fix posture? Plank workout can help you achieve your goals. Planck is one of the best core workout for building muscle and achieve the perfect abs you want. Our 30 Days Plank Challenge app is also a beach body challenge: it challenges you to get the hot, beach ready body for summer. Aside from teaching you about how to do various planck movements correctly (like straight-arm plank), you can also use our app to build your own plank workout routines. Simply download our app now and try it out for yourself!

Many people want to show off their perfect abs and sculpted body. These people have very intense workout plan to achieve the perfect body everyone desires. You can be one of the people who not only have perfect abs, sculpt body, and great muscles, but also great posture. Good posture is important to make you look more confident and tall. That’s why it’s not enough to follow a beach body challenge for abs toning, or a typical home workout such as 30 day push up challenge for building muscles. You need to do some best core workout, including plank workout to sculpt your body and improve posture.

We create a great home workout app to help you learn how to do planck correctly and create your own plank workout routine. Our aim is to improve your knowledge and skill when practicing one of the best core workouts that target your abs and improve posture. You don’t necessarily create an intense workout plan, but you can gradually increase the difficulty and exercise time to get the maximum effect.


1. Created designed by professional trainers.

2. Simple to use with many powerful features.

3. Learn various ways to do planck: straight-arm plank or full plank, elbow, right leg, reverse, side, etc.

4. View the images to learn how to perform each type of movement correctly.

5. Design your own home workout plan.

6. 5 Levels of Plan: Beginner, Intermediate, Hard, and Advanced Plan.

7. See your progress in chart.

8. Set the time for each move.

9. View the next move on the screen.

10. Use the workout plan you’ve created as guidelines for daily exercise.

You’ve seen why our app is superior to similar apps such as the general 30 day pushup challenge app. Whether you want to build intense workout plan or less intense plan, you can easily do it with our app. You can even combine the plank workout plan you have with other challenges or plan such as your 30 day pushup challenge or beach body challenge plan. That way, aside from building muscles or abs toning, you can also lose weight and improve posture.


We hope that you enjoy using our home workout app and it has helped you achieved your objectives. We would like to hear from you! Please send us your feedback queries to ([email protected]).

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