Pregnancy and childbirth safe

By Hesperian Health Guides

Pregnancy and childbirth safePregnancy and childbirth safePregnancy and childbirth safePregnancy and childbirth safePregnancy and childbirth safe

The publisher that publishes the most used health manual in the world, Where there is no doctor, launches the only comprehensive application on pregnancy and childbirth developed specifically for health educators and future mothers in areas of limited resources. This life-saving information is presented clearly and with many illustrations in addition to an intuitive and friendly navigation, perfect to support people with different levels of reading and writing.

This application is ideal for people who work side by side with midwives and community workers and health workers in developing countries. Once downloaded, an internet connection is no longer required to access this vital information.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Insurance contains information to:

stay healthy during pregnancy

recognize the danger signs during pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth

know what to do when a danger signal occurs

know when to refer to A woman in emergency care

and contains more than 20 "step-by-step" instructions that are very practical

With the renowned Hesperian-Health Guides style, this application demystifies the health information and presents it in a warm and familiar tone.

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