Re:Zero-Starting Life in Another World Lost in Memories

By Komoe Game

Re:Zero-Starting Life in Another World Lost in MemoriesRe:Zero-Starting Life in Another World Lost in MemoriesRe:Zero-Starting Life in Another World Lost in MemoriesRe:Zero-Starting Life in Another World Lost in MemoriesRe:Zero-Starting Life in Another World Lost in Memories

The official mobile game of "Re: Life in Another World from Zero" produced by SEGA invites you to embark on a journey in another world!

The official mobile game "Re:0" is here, with all popular characters appearing. There are also IF stories and original plots fully supervised by the original author "Nagatsuta Ping"-all the choices you make, Will affect the development of the future plot. After experiencing endless death backtracking, can "you" break the shackles of fate this time?

[SEGA's new mobile game "Re:0" official mobile game debut]

This game is produced by SEGA, and the original author "Changyue Daping" is fully supervised. It contains the original story and Classic scenes: Amelia, Ram, Rem...The original popular characters are all on the stage, and the original animation voice actors give their voices to restore the drama-level audio-visual feast for you!

[The original author fully supervised the new characters and new plots added]

In this work, you will become the protagonist "Naoyue Subaru", and you will be in the memory world if you lose your memory In "Reminiscence of the Country", re-experience past events with a girl named "Xirong", and retrieve lost memories bit by bit... There are multiple branch plots and several END routes waiting for you to experience!

[The new IF route is your choice in the future]

"No matter how many times you come back, I will save you." An IF plot line has been added to the story system and multiple branches can be selected flexibly. Through different plot options, advance the development of the event to a completely different ending.

[Pure Japanese adventure RPG a new game that can be played]

In this adventure, you can recruit your favorite characters, cultivate your own powerful team, and unlock The mystery of the story, find the memory fragments. The classic Japanese round gameplay is simple and easy to use. Whether it is the protagonist, partner, or enemy in the original game, you can cultivate as you wish!

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