Rhythmic Metronome

By Robert R. Enderlein

This ad-free metronome allows the entry of custom rhythms to help

musicians play in time when playing songs with complex rhythms.

Rhythms can be made up of whole notes down to sixteenth notes

(including dotted notes, triplets, and ties) and rests of similar duration.

Time signatures can be specified to accentuate the clicks on the

downbeat and slightly accentuate every second beat (or third beat in

e.g., 6/8 time).

The tempo can be entered with a keyboard, selected among a drop-down list

of Italian tempo markings, or adjusted with buttons.

The rhythm and tempo can be saved in the application's memory.

The rhythm can also be copied to and pasted from the clipboard.

Go to the import/export screen (accessed through the big "floppy disc"

button icon) for this.

This metronome is audio-only and does not provide "visual clicks".

An advanced entry mode (reached by clicking on the "keyboard" icon on the

keyboard) allows for the entry of notes, rests and time signatures of

arbitrary duration.

E.g.,: Enter "n1/32" for a thirty-second note, "n3/64" for a dotted

thirty-second note, "n1/7" for a septuplet (seven notes in the time of

one); "r1/64" for a sixty-fourth rest;

"t7/4" for a 7-over-4 time signature.

It is also possible to group notes with parenthesis.

Individual notes and rests and groups can be played multiple times by

appending an asterisk and a number.

E.g.,: "(n1/2n1/4*2)*3" would play three times:

half-note, quater-note, quater-note.

Copyright 2014, IBM Corp.

Copyright 2018, Robert R. Enderlein.


Known bugs:

The rhythm entry field does not allow moving the cursor by tapping,

making selections, or copy/pasting. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to

move. Use the import/export screen (accessed

through the big "floppy disc" button icon) to copy or paste.

If the application sleeps for too long, the rhythm entry might be replaced

by "x". I suggest you save your rhythms often, and reload them if that



Source code is available at:




The metronome click soundtrack is from soundbible.com "Metronome",

recorded by Mike Koenig, license: Creative commons attribution 3.0.

The musical note images where generated with Lilypond (www.lilypond.org).

Some of the code was based on Periklis Ntanasis's BeatKeeper

(https://github.com/MasterEx/BeatKeeper). License: UNLICENSE.

Some of the code was based on Maarten Pennings's tutorial for

creating a custom keyboard


Licensed under Apache License 2.0.

The Italian tempo markings where taken from Wikipedia


under an Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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