Rolling hills Ancient villages

By Regione Marche (MCloud)

Rolling hills Ancient villagesRolling hills Ancient villagesRolling hills Ancient villagesRolling hills Ancient villages

The Apennines on a side, the Adriatic coast on the other, and, in-between, a sea of soft hills, which are filled by old villages, protected by ring walls: these are the Marche. It’s a pleasure to surf in a sea earth of our own roots, immersed in the purity of the landscape and the harmony of architectonic. Whereas the beauty of the art towns in Marche is known and appreciated all over the world, it is necessary to recognize that the heart of the region has to be found in the little villages that they pointing out around the territory, ignored by hurried tourists and often unknown to the most people of the Marche themselves. Indeed, these villages have the highest cultural potential and evocative power to attract guests, providing them with a very good welcoming in a relaxing atmosphere: of all Recanati is the quintessential village sung by Giacomo Leopardi; the splendid Gradara famous for the love story of Paolo and Francesca. Thanks to a magical alchemy of the rushing rhythm of daily life slows down here and it makes people to manage and to stand the rhythm of nature, season and manhood. With their sobriety of habits and their intelligence, the inhabitants of these territory really manage to defend, preserve and hand down to their children the very old and balanced relationship with time. Regarding to one’s own traditions also means preserving old crafts and century-old food traditions, that rest mainly with the use of products, coming unaltered from the local agricultural world. In order to get into the very sense of the land, we suggest one should slow down the time by using natural means of transport like horse, bike, quite better a mountainbike in fact, considering the most tracks and…one’s own feet. So have a good journey along the itineraries full of towers, historic buildings, charming castles, silent rural parish churches, wells, shrines, hermitages, discovering all your way long this small, but beautiful and fascinating side of the Marche

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