Rube Goldberg Machine Tricks

By monois Inc.

Rube Goldberg Machine TricksRube Goldberg Machine TricksRube Goldberg Machine TricksRube Goldberg Machine TricksRube Goldberg Machine Tricks

Make your own Rube Goldberg machine with simple controls!

Have fun seeing how it goes from all angles!


- Simple and fun!

- Interesting mechanisms!

- Try as many times as you like!

- Unlimited combinations!

Use a dragging motion to draw a line and create a simple trick that follows that path, and then try changing the trick afterward!

We plan to add many more tricks in the future!

*Method of operation:

- Trace the screen with your finger to create a path.

- Lift your finger to create a simple trick.

- Tap the trick to swap it for another one.

- Press the Start button to start. Have fun by changing the angle and the zoom on the camera.

- Sound effects: turn them on/off from the options on the top right of the top screen.

- Music: turn it on/off from the options on the top right of the top screen.

- Device shadows: turn them on/off from the options on the top right of the top screen.

*If your smartphone is showing low performance, we recommend turning the shadows off.

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