Saiko No Sutoka

By Habupain

Saiko No SutokaSaiko No SutokaSaiko No Sutoka

Saiko No Sutoka is a Horror Survival Game the place you as a Protagonist should escape and keep away from the crazy yandere lady who needs you dead.

The Antagonist, Saiko Chan is a psycho Serial Killer. She’s a very unique Yandere kind. She likes to play with you earlier than she has an opportunity to kill you.

Let’s play our sport now!

SaikoNoSutoka ホラゲー ヤンデレ


Development Status: IN-PROGRESS

The recreation is preliminary Alpha 1 and much is left to be carried out.

NEW VERSION Updated to Alpha v1.8 added traps within the recreation Added new AI behaviours and difficulty option also alot of different modifications please check dev log for more info.

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