Sea knot

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Sea knotSea knotSea knotSea knot

Every day we were binding sites. We can say with them begins our day: we tie shoelaces shoes, ties, sashes. Going on the road, tighten the rope and again things were binding sites. When we go to rest, haunting us again nodes - on duffel bags, tents, volleyball nets, fishing gear.

In short, the rope (cord, rope) has been and remains an important tool in the hands of man. Today, even in space people could not do without the rope (it was a special synthetic rope): it was used as a tether at the exit of astronauts from the ship into space. For whatever needs or used a rope, it is inconceivable without knots made her ingenious interweaving, ligaments, and loops. Once we take the hands of the rope, we immediately begin to think how to tie it. This program contains instructions and descriptions of tying more than 70 knots.

p/s The program is being upgraded and improved, stay tuned. Similarly affected by an English translation (machine translation) if you are ready to assist in the translation of the program I would be very grateful to you.

Please do not judge strictly due not an accurate translation of the text.

Keywords: Knots, nautical knots, fishing knots, Knot Guide

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