By Roshan Alexander


This mobile application is designed as a worship resource for the Christian believers. It's embedded with a church bell as a reminder for worship. The liturgy is based on the Book of Common Prayer (Namaskaram) of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church that includes, 7 Liturgical watches (Yamangal). It also provides facility to send prayer requests, listen and participate in the liturgy and liturgical chants of the Psalms, Prayers for the special occasions and Liturgical songs. This application is developed by Epiphany Mar Thoma Church Yuvajana Sakhyam under the guidance of Rev. Sibu Pallichira.


• Radio:

Listen and participate in the worship using the radio at seven watches (Yamangal) of the church.

• Prayer Request:

Request for prayer on specific topics will be forwarded to the vicar of Epiphany Mar Thoma Church.

• Resources

Resources are the worship materials provided for a meaningful participation of the worshipper. This include, Worship Orders for various occasions, Liturgical chanting of Selected Psalms with Introduction, Selected Liturgical Songs and Notes on various faith and worship elements.

• Footprints

Footprints are the historical and ecclesiastical marks in the faith journey of the church on a daily basis. It covers the Historical Facts, Figures and Faith Doctrines.

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