Service Report 2018

By CNK Soft. Ltd.

Service Report 2018Service Report 2018Service Report 2018Service Report 2018Service Report 2018

Take a control for your service activity. Created to perfectly adapt to the new model report, Service Report has been designed with love and care, with the desire to be useful and easy to use in the ministry performed by Jehovah's Witnesses.

You can take a daily, monthly and yearly record. The statistics allow you to know if you are reaching your pioneering goal or personal goal. And you can know how many hours you have to do every day to meet the monthly target or your annual target. Change the mode to auxiliary pioneer 30 hours, 50 hours, Regular or Special Pioneer and the application will inform you at all times if you're ahead or behind of your goal.

Control the Publications, Videos, Time, or Return Visits and different Studies conducted. Use the stopwatch to count time automatically as you record other values on the fly.

You can also customize the graphical environment to your own preferences.

We hope you enjoy the application and find it useful.

Please drop me any questions or suggestions. Also, if you want to help me translate it into any other language, contact me.

Best regards and thank you very much for using this App.

* This application has NOT been officially developed by Watch Tower Bible and Track (TM). The developer is Jehovah's Witness and has developed and maintain this non-profit application with love and for free for the use of his brothers and sisters around the world. The application is and will continue been totally free and does not contain and will never contain any kind of advertising.

* App Icons developed by and used under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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