Sherpa Assistant


Sherpa AssistantSherpa AssistantSherpa AssistantSherpa Assistant

What if instead of in search of information, it got here to you instantly?

Sherpa uses highly effective Artificial Intelligence Algorithms primarily based on probabilistic models that predict the data that may curiosity you.

Raining? Sherpa will recommend that you simply grab your umbrella.

Favorite team taking part in tonight? Receive results and updates in actual time.

Looking for a restaurant nearby? Sherpa's received it.

And the extra you use it, the more it learns from you, by privately managing interactions, location providers, and different series of inputs, in order to offer you just what you wish to know in that moment.

Sherpa may even let you know what's going on round you, regardless of where you are.

Download Sherpa now and have everything you need and need to know proper within the palm of your hand, without having to ask!

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