Sms UX - Fast sms app, messenger, voice to text

By UX Apps

Sms UX - Fast sms app, messenger, voice to textSms UX - Fast sms app, messenger, voice to text

Want to communicate faster and easier?

Sms Messenger from UX Apps - powerful, beautiful and simple envoyer sms.

Features of our quick sms app:

- Lightweight (takes up little space on your device)

- Advanced sms voice to text input (it's now easy to write sms messages by voice)

- Rich sms notification (mark new message as read or reply to it immediately)

- Themes (customize messenger color, choose your favorite ones)

- Multiple SIM support (for android 5.1 )

- Really fast sms messenger (cares of performance - explore your sms messages at max speed)

Sounds good? Install and try our envoyer sms now, it's free!

Yours respectfully,

UX Apps Team.

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