Socionics for everyone


Socionics for everyoneSocionics for everyoneSocionics for everyoneSocionics for everyoneSocionics for everyone

This simple application will help you not only learn more about yourself or understand your strengths and weaknesses. It will also help you understand your aspirations and people's behavior, their hidden motives and capabilities. Knowing sociotypes can be useful to you everywhere - from teamwork to love seduction ...

Socionics helps answer these questions:

- How to find your soul mate?

- How to find a job suitable for yourself?

- Which direction to choose for personal growth?

- How to understand and accept your weaknesses and weaknesses?

- How to better understand the people around you?

Having defined your sociotype and sociotypes of your loved ones, you can easily predict their (and your) behavior in various situations.

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