A whole new adventure begins after the first victory against Dr. Wings that saved all baby animals. Sofia Jack are now back with their friends and family to protect their own town from waves of enemies.

Empower your defenders' squad with tactical weapons and collectibles. Travel through battlefields to unveil the truth about the long-lost mystery of Sofia Jack’s family.


Don’t miss out on the adventure to unlock Sofia Jack’s mysterious story together with their friends, Scarlet and Jojo.

Meet new characters who will guide you to win battles.

Let’s travel through 04 MAPS and complete all the MISSIONS in each map to earn lots of collectibles and receive glorious badges.


The game is to defend Sofia Jack’s hometown against waves of robot enemies from Dr. Wings.

To attack, the player can role play as Sofia or Jack together with their loyal allies - Scarlet and Jojo.

Tap, hold and drag your finger on the screen to shoot at the targeted enemy.

Be aware! Your enemies will come in waves from right to left and there will be one or more species of enemies.

Remember to switch out your weapons to better deal with the diverse range of enemies.

Are you ready to fight? Go earn your badges now!

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