Soul Land:Advent of the Gods


Soul Land:Advent of the GodsSoul Land:Advent of the GodsSoul Land:Advent of the GodsSoul Land:Advent of the GodsSoul Land:Advent of the Gods

Officially licensed by the creators of the Soul Land anime and novel, Soul Land: Advent of the Gods is a real-time card battle RPG, allowing gamers to mix-and-match Spirit Rings and Spirit Skills to develop their very own battle styles and awaken their very own War Spirits. The beautiful environments are brought to life by the fashionable Toon Shading graphics. The game has no VIP system and features an amazing SSR drop price of up to 10%, so you'll have the ability to simply gather all your favorite cards. The gods of warfare descend as soon as once more, to assist you on your journey to deification!

Dual officially-licensed IPs, innovative deification gameplay

Officially approved by the creators of the Soul Land anime and novels, Soul Land: Advent of the Gods has manga specifically mixed into the storyline, and an innovative deification system to deliver you on a fabulous journey by way of an oriental fantasy world.

Mix-and-match ten rings and ten expertise for a strategic combination that suits your play style

Players can mix and match Spirit Rings of various colours and durations to create versatile Spirit Skills. Invent your personal distinctive methods and battle kinds, and develop your skills in your own customized means. Reaching the top is only a matter of time!

Hunt down Spirit Beasts as you please and seize those highly effective rings!

The 2D Toon Shading graphics type brings to life the beautiful environments of the Forest of Stars, Sunset Forest, the Eye of Ice and Fire and more. Choose which Spirit Beasts to search out and take in their Spirit Rings, even carry out Spirit Beast sacrifices! Rare million-year Spirit Rings await you!

Wield exhilarating Spirit Skills freely and make use of intelligent strategies to snag victory!

Multiple real-time card battle modes let you strategize and deploy models to your heart's content material. Add this to the extremely versatile Spirit Skill system and you may get countless combinations and countless fun!

Soul Land with the best perks, featuring an incredible SSR drop rate of up to 10%.

The recreation has no VIP system and features an amazing SSR drop price of up to 10%, so you can easily collect all your favorite cards.

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Gentle Reminder

* Soul Land: Advent of the Gods is rated PG12 based on the Game Software Rating Regulations.

* This game is free to play, though in-game purchases such as virtual forex and objects are available.

* Please plan your gaming time correctly to keep away from addiction.

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