Soul of Yokai: Otome Romance Game

By Genius Inc

Soul of Yokai: Otome Romance GameSoul of Yokai: Otome Romance GameSoul of Yokai: Otome Romance GameSoul of Yokai: Otome Romance GameSoul of Yokai: Otome Romance Game


You are a young businesswoman who has lately gone by way of a break-up. You journey to Kyoto in hopes of mending your broken coronary heart and perhaps finding a model new love. You didn't, nonetheless, count on it to come back in the type of a Yokai (Japanese demon). After an opportunity encounter, you may be invited to the Yokai world, where you meet three attractive young men of varying Yokai races: Hayato a half Oni, Yukio of the Yukiotoko race, and Karasu of the Tengu. You are surprised to search out out that they all want your hand in marriage! Not every little thing is peaches and cream, nevertheless, as you notice a darkness looming over the Yokai townspeople, and a rising dislike of human beings.

Can you assist mend the relationship between the yokai and people all whereas helping these boys overcome their own personal traumas? Can you discover love among demons? Find out in Soul of Yokai!


The Cocky Hanyo (Half-Oni)- Hayato

Being half-Oni and half-human, Hayato has a bone to select with the Yokai World's view on human beings. He's conflicted about his half human-side as properly as his feelings about you, which might make him come off as rude at times. He plans on proving his strength and making actual change by changing into the Yokai World's subsequent Ruler. But he can't do it without a powerful queen at his side. Are you up for the challenge?

The Flirtatious Yukiotoko- Yukio

One of probably the most lovely men in the Yokai World and likewise the one male of his race, Yukio is sort of in style among the many girls. He would not appear to take them significantly nonetheless, as he struggles to know the that means of love. One factor he is aware of for positive although, his heart has solely ever been set on one human lady, you. Can you deal with this in style boy's devilish charms, while helping educate him the method to love?

The Withdrawn Tengu - Karasu

After witnessing the horrific crimes of his older brother, Karasu remains a somewhat cold and distant Yokai. Once very pleasant to people, Karasu finds himself conflicted about his emotions for you. He can't select between pushing you away or risking his life to protect you. Can you help him overcome his past trauma together with his brother, and assist him smile as soon as again?

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