Space: Spaced Repetition System for Flashcards

By Space Flashcards App

Space: Spaced Repetition System for FlashcardsSpace: Spaced Repetition System for FlashcardsSpace: Spaced Repetition System for FlashcardsSpace: Spaced Repetition System for FlashcardsSpace: Spaced Repetition System for Flashcards

Space is an easy-to-use Spaced Repetition System (SRS) app. Create and learn flashcards wherever you are in the most effective way possible.

Whether you are preparing for your next exam or learning about the universe, simply create your own decks and flashcards in an instant. Space will make learning more enjoyable with a simple and engaging interface.

️ Manage your decks and cards

•  Easily group flashcards into decks

•  Create, edit, and delete decks

️ Cross-device synchronisation

•  Manage your decks on desktop by visiting

•  Always keeps your decks in sync between devices

Customize the experience

•  Switch between light and dark color themes

•  Select unique cover images for your decks

Enable Space Mode

•  Uses the Sans Forgetica font to display text on flashcards

•  Scientifically proven method to enhance recollection

The mission of Space is to make learning effective and joyful. We hope you'll join us!

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