Space Wingmen

By Dreamplay Games

Space WingmenSpace WingmenSpace WingmenSpace WingmenSpace Wingmen

The gorgeous evolution of a retro shooting game!

shoot'em up! Space arcade shooting game!

Retro shooting shooter just like galaga!

shoot'em up! Galaxy striker shooter!

Galaxy Flight shooting game in the background of universe.

Numorous bullets filling the whole screen makes you feel the excitement of the breathtaking shooting game!

[Game Characteristics]

-Space arcade, fly shoot game : Fight through a variety of patterns, enemies and obstacles.

-Minimalistic and stylish graphics : evolution of retro graphic, collection of individual shooter.

-Evolving Spacecrafts : Upgrade wingmen and fighters to make them more powerful

-Various game modes : Dynamic battles in over 100 stages with the chance to compete with other players in Infinity Mode.

-Low capacity, no additional downloads

●Official Facebook page :

●Customer Center : [email protected]

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