SquirrelTycoon: Idle Manager

By Ratatat Studios Inc.

SquirrelTycoon: Idle ManagerSquirrelTycoon: Idle ManagerSquirrelTycoon: Idle ManagerSquirrelTycoon: Idle ManagerSquirrelTycoon: Idle Manager

Are you ready to gather acorn with squirrels?

Today the cutest squirrels are diligently accumulating acorns.

And squirrels are still amassing acorns although we turn off the sport or sleep!

Squirrels of acorn forest begin work within the morning!

Crop Squirrels are ready! Lift squirrels are ready! Cart squirrels are ready!

Crop squirrels are moving to the branch that they labored yesterday.

Lift squirrels are moving to the lift that carries the acorns.

Cart squirrels are moving to the cart that carris the acorns to the storehouse.

Upgrade acorn trees and broaden acorn forest!

You can change acorns to money. And then, you can upgrade timber till the universe by utilizing the money.

Of course, you can get extra money from upgraded bushes.

Furthermore, you can expand the forest from 'Arcon Forest' to Silence Winter Forest, and to Mysterious Cactus Forest.

Increase the quantity of acorns with out stress!

You can play 'the anti-stress idle tycoon sport' with cute squirrels.

You can acquire many acorns and will be rich!

If you rent proficient managers, you probably can manage squirrels automatically, and acquire acorns fastly even if you can't play the sport because of the business.

Furthermore, if you use quite lots of boosters, you possibly can collect extra acorns inside the similar time.

Hire gifted supervisor squirrels!

You can set the managers to every branch.

Each manager has a wide selection of skills. For example, improve the velocity of harvest, low cost the money of improve, increase the moving velocity, enhance the amount of harvest, and so on.

Hire proficient manager squirrels proper now!

You will fall in love with an idle tycoon recreation with the cutest squirrels during play the sport.

★ Upgrade timber for getting more acorns!

★ Hire managers and use abilities for enjoying efficiently!

★ Use boosters for getting acorns sooner than others!

Are you able to work with squirrels now?

Now help squirrels and construct big acorn forests.

Then, your squirrels would be the richest squirrels!

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