Station: Employee Time-Clock

By Papershift GmbH

Station: Employee Time-ClockStation: Employee Time-ClockStation: Employee Time-ClockStation: Employee Time-Clock

The Papershift time clock is the ideal method to digitally track, edit and synchronize employee working hours with the Papershift Cloud. With live updates of settings and time trackings between app and Papershift, the app is the perfect addition to the Papershift cloud.

In addition to these basic functions, the app offers further options, depending on whether you are logged in as an admin or employee:

With an admin account, you can set up a stationary time tracking device for multiple employees. For example one tablet at a central point per location where employees stamp in and out of work or their breaks.

Of course, automatic breaks and tags are considered in the app as well.

With an employee account, you can use the mobile time clock and, in addition, see your trackings and edit them and keep track of your current balance. Very easy via the login of his Papershift employee account and without a lot of time and effort to set up.

Both modes (employee and admin) also offer the option to stamp in via employee pin or signature and edit setting for tags and automatic breaks.

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