Sword Master Story - Konosuba Collab

By Super Planet

Sword Master Story - Konosuba CollabSword Master Story - Konosuba CollabSword Master Story - Konosuba CollabSword Master Story - Konosuba CollabSword Master Story - Konosuba Collab

◆ Konosuba! X Sword Master Story Special Collaboration◆

Konosuba!: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! - Legend of Crimson


The great journey of Kazuma’s group in Elgrad!

The first and last chance to satisfy the principle characters of this well-liked animation is during the month of May!

▶ New Characters The in style characters Megumin, Aqua, Darkness are coming!

▶ Special Costumes Transform into Kazuma, Wiz, and Yun-Yun, similar to within the original work!

▶ Collab Dungeon Defeat the monsters of Konosuba and get generous rewards!

... And, another ordeal is ready for the SwordMaster!

▶ The Abyss is open!

Choose one of many three playing cards to get stats, and go to a higher level!

Time to turn out to be stronger with particular objects that can solely be obtained from the Abyss!


You, the one and only Sword Master in this world, fight for peace after the betrayal of the empire.

Gather allies that will assist you and join forces for countless adventures and battles!’

With a really fast assault and sensible abilities given by the Dual Blade,

Enjoy an action RPG that never will get boring!

Hack Slash

• Double the pleasure and fun due to brilliant skill animations!

• Exciting Action RPG that can be enjoyed even in idle mode!

• A incredible mixture of enticing illustrations and distinctive pixel graphics!

Adventure and Story

• Gather the goddesses as companions to participate in countless battles and earn rewards!

• If you clear phases sooner, you can get higher rewards!

• Discover the hidden reality via a new story every 10 phases.

Character Collection RPG

• Summon forty unique heroes from mythology and legendary gear.

• Strategically deploy heroes of 4 different courses and 5 different attributes to win the battle!

• The extra characters you collect, the extra the Buff will go up! Complete your character collection!

Growth and equipment

• Characters can become stronger through 'Level Up', 'Rebirth', and 'Transcendence'!

• With quite so much of costumes, they not solely look extra glamorous, but their abilities may even go UP!

• Acquire greater than 50 forms of weapons and armor, and explode your potential with ' Reinforcement ' and 'Transcendence'!

• Open the 'Ideal Stone' to extend the extra stats and 'Magic Resistance' of all characters!

Various contents

• Explore “Endless Dungeons”, such as the Dark Dragon, Dark Lord's Tower and the Gold Dungeon, that will stimulate infinite growth and challenges!

• Catch the strongest boss with Sword Masters from everywhere in the world in “Boss Raid”!

• Challenge different users in ‘Global PVP’ and turn into a true Sword Master in one other world!

• Once every week, go to the “Demon Tower” to rescue Cain! Don't overlook to take a break in the 'Spa'!

Guild System

• Protect your territory from exterior forces along with your guild members!

• Clear the Guild Dungeon and problem the Guild to a better level!

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