SystemPanel 2

By NextApp, Inc.

SystemPanel 2SystemPanel 2SystemPanel 2SystemPanel 2SystemPanel 2

SystemPanel is a tool to let you view and manage just about everything possible about the goings-on of your device and visualize it in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

Features include:

* Show active apps, record app battery, CPU, and wake lock usage over time to show potential battery drain issues

* Draw plots showing how you used your phone over time and how much battery disappeared as a result

* Analyze recent battery consumption and device wakeups (wakelocks), showing potential problem apps

* Manage installed apps, backup app APKs, uninstall apps, and re-install archived versions

* View apps categorized by the permissions they require

* Disable system packages [ROOT required]

* Disable individual services of apps (e.g. OTA updates) [ROOT required]

* Browse all the technical nitty-gritty about your phone

This app uses Accessibility services. SystemPanel's "Usage" feature can optionally use an "accessibility service" to show you how much time you're spending in each app on your phone, and when you use them throughout the day. This is useful for those with addiction disorders (and/or their parents or legal guardians) to avoid addictive use of the device/specific applications. Use of this service is optional, and like the rest of SystemPanel, no collected data is sent from the device, it is only displayed to the user.

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