Tap Town

By Honeydew Games

Tap TownTap TownTap TownTap TownTap Town

The pinnacle of Tap-based RPG game!

Construct the village, practice the heros and battle monsters!

From warriors going ahead fluttering yellow hair to fascinating magicians(wizards) blasting away fireballs!

Collect and grow a wide range of heros and save the villagers taken by the monsters!

■■■■■Characteristics of the game■■■■■

▶A variety of fascinating heros◀

-Collect various heros of many jobs

-Raise your own heros and see them develop on and on

-Seize the fierce monsters with my powerful heros.

▶Unique village of my own◀

-Have enjoyable decorating the village of my very own with quite lots of items

-Consider how to be more practical arranging the structures

-Enjoy seeing your vaillage flourish on and on

▶Dungeons full of diversity◀

-Defend countless monsters!

-A number of decoration and buff for monster hunting

-A sizzling battle between heros and monsters. Who would be the ultimate winner?

▶The tower of problem awakening your heart!◀

-Heros vs. Heros!! Test their power!

-Overwhelming rewards and insurmountable thrill!

-Try proper now!

▶ Hero Defense Challenge Top! ◀

- Where to test for strength!

- Heroes vs Heroes The bout of city pride!

▶ World Raid to struggle a powerful dragon! ◀

- Hunting numerous dragons to the target!

- A highly effective ranking system that confronts customers all over the world !!

▶Easy to deal with and revel in with Tap.◀

-Earn golds through Tap!

-Construct buildings through Tap!

-Raise the characters via Tap!

-You can get pleasure from this game even idle play type!

■■■■■ Recommended level ■■■■■

- Easy operation (Tap Tap Tap), hottest battle action!

- Fun game!

- Challenge tower Defense!

- a hundred vs 1 fight! - Monster Hunting, Dragon Raid

- If you want Tap RPG!

- You prefer to grow city hero!

- You can enjoy this game even idle play type!

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