The Fishercat

By LoadComplete

The FishercatThe FishercatThe FishercatThe FishercatThe Fishercat

Become a cat and harpoon fish.

You can use a variety of harpoons and items to maximize your fishing experience.

Many different types of fish are waiting for you.

Simple Controls: Drag to aim, and then shoot a harpoon to catch fish in this shooting game.

Thrilling Action: Follow and hit fish that constantly move. It's thrilling and even has a realistic feel to it!

Various Fish Types: Meet and collect over 150 different kinds of fish.

Amazing Ships and Seas: Set out to sea on an amazing-looking ship. Dive into the sea and explore the incredible underwater world.

Relax on an Island: Relax and enjoy playing with your friends on your island.

Decorate Aquarium: Decorate your aquarium with the fish that you've caught and various decorations.

Unique Equipment: Use different types of harpoons and inventive support items to easily catch even the toughest fish.

Cute Graphics: You'll love Fishercat's simple yet charming graphic style!

Events and Easter Eggs: Experience various events and hidden elements that are unlocked as you progress through the game.

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