The Unofficial Toolkit for GW2


The Unofficial Toolkit for GW2The Unofficial Toolkit for GW2The Unofficial Toolkit for GW2The Unofficial Toolkit for GW2The Unofficial Toolkit for GW2

This unofficial App supports you to keep observe of your present tasks in Guild Wars 2. See how much progress you may have on crafting your legendary and how a lot gold you need to spent to finish it.

Discover which daily fractals you can run at present and let remind you to take part in your favorite occasion.

Features of the App:

- Customizable, modular homescreen

- Crafting progress with gold calculation (how a lot gold you have to spent to finish an item)

- Complete recipe of items

- Details of items

- Achievement Browser with progress tracker

- Daily achievements with helpful hints

- Event timer including World Bosses, HoT, PoF, Living World, Dry Top

- Ingame Map: Explore the world of tyria and find POIs extra easily

- Fractals and day by day fractal list with related infos to your account

- Exchange Rates (Gold to Gems)

- Wallet

- Search Items in your account

- Trading Post

- Raid tracker

- Build Templates (You can browse all your Builds. More associated features are planned)

- API Languages: En, De, Fr, Es

Permissions Needed:

Internet: To load all of the informations from the Internet.

Camera: Only wanted when scanning the API-Key from the official ArenaNet website.

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