The Wild Darkness

By PoPeyed Inc

The Wild DarknessThe Wild DarknessThe Wild DarknessThe Wild DarknessThe Wild Darkness

Inside a forest on a mysterious world...

A sorcerer is casting a spell in the useless of night.

Once the ritual was full, a streak of light fell from the sky.

Then you regain consciousness in the middle of an odd forest.

Where... Am I? Where is that this place?!

Game Features

You have been summoned to another world, against your will.

You know nothing, and every thing is overseas to you.

You must find meals for your self, and be cautious of monsters that emerge at night time.

If you let your guard down, it’ll be the tip of you.

If you die, it will be sport over, and you should start from the very starting.

However, with every death comes more knowledge about

crafting and totems, which can help you to complete the game.

It requires persistence and focus, but you will find joy in your journey.

Now, be brave! Your destiny awaits you!

Challenge yourself, in a brand new recreation expertise in one other world!

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