top silo

By Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster

top silotop silo

"top silo" keeps an overview for you: How much feed is still in the silo and when must the next order be released? With this app you avoid nasty surprises and empty troughs on the weekends!

If the silo is almost empty, "top silo" sends you a short information on your smartphone. With just a few clicks you can order feed directly via the app.


Enter the types of food and the quantity available. The app continuously calculates the fill level based on daily consumption. "Top silo" takes the expected delivery time into account and informs you in time for the next order.


The light version is free of charge and offers you an insight. Benefit from the extensive services of the "top silo-pro":

1. Create an unlimited number of silos

2. Enter several suppliers and work independently of the manufacturer

3. A good overview offers optimal feed control

4. Let us remind you of the next orders in good time

The app works offline and is therefore independent of the internet connection. The data is only saved on your smartphone.

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