Tower Breaker - Hack

By 111%

Tower Breaker - HackTower Breaker - HackTower Breaker - HackTower Breaker - HackTower Breaker - Hack

Be a Devil and conquer all the towers.

Dash! Defense! Attack! Blow away the enemies!

A Simple and Funny Action Game "Tower Breaker"

Game Features

◆ Random and mystery boxes with special weapons in it!

◆ Gather the best weapons and strengthen them with 100% chance!

◆ Choose your cool armors and shields!

◆ Specific pet that helps you level-up and upgrade!

◆ Unique weapon's fancy skills!

◆ Eliminate every towers' characterized enemies and powerful bosses!

[Selectable access]

- Location Access: For video ads localization

◆ You can use the application even if you do not agree to the access.

We're happy to help you at anytime!

Please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

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