TriPeaks Solitaire Monster

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TriPeaks Solitaire MonsterTriPeaks Solitaire MonsterTriPeaks Solitaire MonsterTriPeaks Solitaire Monster

Play free TriPeaks Solitaire Monster which is a brand new solitaire game. You have to strategically move the cards from each pyramid tower to win the game. Jokers can be used for any value. TriPeaks solitaire challenges your mind to figure out how you can clear the table to collect gold cards. Some cards are locked in Tripeaks Solitaire, You need to remove the poker with a key to unlock it. Start with a board of cards that form pyramids, clear as many boards as possible by tapping cards from the board that is one lower or one higher than the one in the waste pile. You can play Tripeaks Solitaire for as long as you desire because there are more than 500 levels.

Game Features:

- 3D cards and Effect

- Support Multi-Languages

- Lovely music

- No time limit

- Easy-Read cards

- Undo support and lots of boosters to boost your game

Download TriPeaks now, you will love this game!

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