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This is the mobile companion to the complete TRIPP platform. Track your temper, contribute content material and join along with your TRIPP community!

TRIPP is the primary fitness system for your inner self. We're all familiar with physique health, however what about MIND FITNESS? That's where TRIPP is out there in. TRIPP helps you management the best way you're feeling via focused, deeply immersive exercises that depart you feeling calm and targeted, much less careworn and anxious. TRIPP is based on scientific studies related to the advantages of mindfulness, the creation of move states, the facility of correct respiration and audio/video stimulation. It makes use of machine studying and artificial intelligence, evolving to be more effective at making you're feeling higher. TRIPP provides different temper experiences. Calm for example, provides you a deeply enjoyable respite from your stressful day by floating you thru a wonderful world with calming respiratory workouts, affirming teachings and relaxing soundscapes. Focus reboots your day by shuffling off pressure and anxiety and fills you with function. TRIPP truly defies description and firmly defines next generation mindfulness.

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