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* This APP is for the exclusive use of Christian Churches that manage the cell system (Planning, Cell, Dominican School, Worship).

* It presents a section of Calendar of Activities of your congregation.

* Notifications: receive messages from your cell (privileges assigned in planning, member's birthdays), daily devotional, messages for the whole Church in basic.

* It has sections for Members, Cell Leaders, Sector Supervisor, Zone Supervisor and Pastors.

* The Leader section has the following:

- Registration Attendance (Cell, Planning, Sunday School and Worship).

-Record the progress of each Member (7 steps, Membership, Sunday School, Baptism, etc.)

-Genera Automatically the graphs of each assistance.

-Automatically generates the weekly report that is reported with the sector and zone supervisors.

-Generates reports by cycle in which the p Percentages in each meeting (By cell, sector, area, cult and church in general).

-Keep control of visits (Consolidations, Discipleship, Motivations).

-Goals (Prospects for Baptism, Spiritual Clinic and Friend's Day).

* Sector Supervisors, Zone and Pastors.

They will have access to the information that belongs to their area (sector, zone or cult).

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