Vape Toolbox

By Alexandr Savitskiy

Vape ToolboxVape ToolboxVape ToolboxVape ToolboxVape Toolbox

Coils? E-Liquid? Yes! Vape Tools Box!

The utility is a complete set for vapers preserving coils and e-liquid recipes. The set consists of five vape instruments:

- Coil calculator (microcoil and clapton coil and other) allow you to construct coil

- Simple power calculator

- e-liquid calculator

- e-liquid mixer

- Calculator battery life of esig

- Translation unit of measure

You can save your information in Vape Tools Box Cloud.

Widget for people who stop smoking and begin vaping

Features of the coil calculator for ecig vaping:

- Opportunity SAVE COILS and load from your coil list

- Calculation optimal energy for vaping

- Selection between Microcoil, Clapton, Fused Clapton and Spaced Clapton

- Materials helix 9

- Different variety of coils

- Different number of wires in microcoil

- Determination of the optimum voltage to vaping

- The calculation coil resistance

- Calculation of surface power

- Calculation of the length of the wire

- Input voltage 1-20V

- Create and restore backup(on external storage)

Possibilities of calculation liquid:

- The capability to SAVE RECIPES and cargo from the list

- Liquid nicotine and without nicotine e-liquid

- The ratio of pg / vg / ad

- The precise calculation flavoring for esig

Calculation of battery life of esig:

- mechmod

- ego

- variwatt

- varivolt

Translation models:

- Awg - mm (inch)


- Save and cargo recipes and coils

What is the information:


- Small modifications within the interface of coil calculator


- Added widget


- Added fused clapton coil!

- Increased accuracy of calculations


- Added calculation optimal voltage and power


- Added easy energy calculator

- Smal modifications in interface

- Bugfix


- could be calculated for any number of aromatic

- indication of the variety of flavors Percentage


- twisted coil


- length of coil


- added backup


- fixed bugs


- calculation of Spaced Clapton

- title of flavoring

- flavoring in drops

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