Verbmaster: French Verb Conjugator and Trainer

By Learning French Phrases

Verbmaster: French Verb Conjugator and TrainerVerbmaster: French Verb Conjugator and TrainerVerbmaster: French Verb Conjugator and TrainerVerbmaster: French Verb Conjugator and Trainer

Become the French Verb Master!

Stop struggling with remembering the right verb or the right conjugation as you learn and speak French. Master this challenging area of the language with French Verb Master.

One part reference, and one part trainer, French Verb Master is an essential tool in your toolbox:


Comprehensive: Over 800 of the most often used Verbs

Rapid: fast search and filtering to find what you are looking for

Focused: common usage ranking helps you focus on what verbs are used most often


Guided: Comprehensive training plan guides you through to mastery

Sustained Learning: Scheduled reviews and revisions to move you to the next level

Fun: Challenging and entertaining exercises to sharpen your abilities

"***** This is the main app I'm using alongside Duolingo and Babel to bring my French to the next level. I wish I had this years ago. Thank You!!!!"

"***** I love it! has all the common verbs with voices, not too many tenses with good translation and learning method. Best I have found so far"

"***** Conjugations are so hard, and the tools I was given to learn them weren't helping. Finally, I'm now a French Verb Champion. YES! Thank you. I hope other students won't need to struggle like I did."

Upgrade To PLUS - Support future development and unlock your true Verbmaster potential.

- Hundreds of more verbs

- More Custom Training options

- Extended training course including dozens of more lessons

- Study based on Verb Patterns

This is a one-time upgrade and will include lifetime updates.

Don't hesitate to rate us if you think that French Verb Champion is a great app and helps you learn or improve your French. Merci for your support and happy learning!

If you have any issues or comments please contact us directly at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Your feedback is important so we can focus on improving the app all the time.

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