VIP Games: Hearts, Rummy, Yatzy, Dominoes, Crazy 8

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VIP Games: Hearts, Rummy, Yatzy, Dominoes, Crazy 8VIP Games: Hearts, Rummy, Yatzy, Dominoes, Crazy 8VIP Games: Hearts, Rummy, Yatzy, Dominoes, Crazy 8VIP Games: Hearts, Rummy, Yatzy, Dominoes, Crazy 8VIP Games: Hearts, Rummy, Yatzy, Dominoes, Crazy 8

Welcome to VIP Games - a truly unique and free online social gaming platform for card and board games! VIP Games is home to the best international games including Ludo, Hearts, Crazy 8s (UNO), Yatzy (Yahtzee), Euchre, Dominoes, Backgammon, and more.

Play online Europe’s favorite card games, board games, and dice games all in one place! Meet thousands of players and make new relationships in our social community. Customize your profile and express yourself, discuss interesting topics in the global chat and engage with other players.

Game Features:

FOCUS ON COMMUNITY - Expand your friend list, like their profiles and send them gifts

LEADERBOARDS - Follow your progress and climb up the rankings

MULTI-PLATFORM– Log-in from your PC, laptop and any mobile device

DAILY BONUSES – Come back each day to claim your bonus chips

MEET NEW PEOPLE - Get to know players that have the same interests as you

YOUR OWN PROFILE – Personalize your picture and your bio, as well as the border around your picture, the table background, and your card deck.

VIP STATUS - Gain access to a lot of special social benefits

PUBLIC CHAТ – Discuss interesting topics, exchange tips, and strategies

FAIR MATCHMAKING - Get paired up against players with similar expertise

Favorite free multiplayer card games board games, offering a responsive, high-quality 3D experience:

Euchre – Play Euchre online! A simplified version of one of the most popular trick-taking card games such as Hearts and Spades. Choose between modes such as Play alone, Canadian Loner and Stick the Dealer. The rules are easy and quick to learn.

Hearts – Play Hearts online! Shoot the moon, break hearts and avoid penalty points. Hearts is a trick-taking card game for four players, also known as Black Lady. Players try to avoid winning some penalty cards in tricks.

Yatzy - Play Yahtzee online! Roll the dice and score the highest amount of points possible! Yatzy is one of the most popular dice games in the world. Players throw the 5 dice three times each round. They can keep the ones they like and try to land a specific combination.

Crazy Eights - Play Crazy 8s online! Enjoy the shedding-type card game Crazy Eights for 2 or more players! Many other card games have originated from Crazy 8, such as Uno, Mau Mau, and Switch. The winner is the first player to discard all cards.

Backgammon - Play Backgammon online! One of the most popular and ancient two-player board games available. Each player starts with 15 checkers. The first one to move all checkers to his home board is declared the winner.

Four in a Row - Play 4 in a Row online with friends! A two-player connection game known as Connect Four (Connect 4). The first to form a four-long line of checkers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins.

Ludo - Play Ludo online with friends! Race to the finish, test your luck and roll the dice in one of the oldest board games! Based on the Indian game Parchisi, Ludo is one of the most popular race board games in the world.

Dominoes - Play Domino online! A tile-based game with an easy to learn and more laid back gameplay. The simple rules make it accessible to all players!

Sixty-Six (66) - Play 66 online! A card game of the marriage type for 2-4 players. It is popular in countries such as Germany and Austria (known as Schnapsen)

Skat - Play Skat online - the #1 card game in Germany! Skat is played with 3 players and 32 cards, and is one of the most complicated card games ever!

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VIP Games awaits you! Find your favorite online card games and board games, and start playing right away!

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